Definition of Destiny

Ground Zero, New York City, Terrorism, Attack

Today is the 18th anniversary of the September 11 Attacks. If we’re old enough to have been around and not in diapers, we all have a story of what we were doing the moment we watched the second plane hit the Twin Towers. The realization and the horror of it not being an accident was like a nightmare come to life. For this generation, it was our version of Pearl Harbor.

I had just gotten out of the military after almost 13 years of active service and had no intention of going back to finish up that career. Instead, I had taken to working several sales jobs and was actually miserable doing so. There were large-screen televisions throughout the call center where I was working. With the news constantly and quietly running on all monitors during the work day, we were all watching when it happened.

For some, it changed their lives temporarily. However, for me, it meant one thing: going back in and doing my part. It redefined my grind and reminded me that my destiny was something bigger than I’d expected.

Today, we will remember. Tomorrow, allow that memory to realize and redefine your purpose.

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