Brandywine: A Destiny Fulfilled

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Writing a book is about the closest a man comes to giving birth. I have four natural kids and a slew of adopted and godchildren. As much as I love them, I’m neither physically nor mentally prepared to carry and deliver. It’s just not me.

When I penned my first novel, Dead Assets, I did it in a rush. I also had two other possible novels that could’ve been developed. I decided that, since a set of zombie tales would allow me to be outlandish and irreverent with my descriptions, I would go with those. After realizing all the mistakes, I went back to the drawing board, edited, revised, and extended that book. I went from having an ugly kid–the kind that an old lady would refer to as “precious”–to having one I could live with.

Not wanting to make the same mistake of rushing my detective novel, I revised two stories I’d written before Assets evolved from a short story, and wrote a new one. My editor kept me to task, doing all she could to ensure we were going to release a quality product. With the writing, editing, artwork, and formatting stages complete, the final review and submission is all that’s left. I am quite enamored with this “child” and hope that you will be, too.

So, why am I name-dropping my latest project and sounding a bit braggadocios? Well, the name-dropping is to keep you in the loop on what I’ve been up to, while the bragging–well, it’s not really that. I’m just breathing a sigh of relief at finally completing it. After all, it’s spent most of the past decade on the back burner. My hope is that, upon reading it, you won’t hit me with the “precious” comment.

I’ve mentioned before that your hu$tle should fit you. For me, writing is the perfect fit. Like giving life to a baby, it’s a labor of love. Time will tell how that child will be received and what it will grow into. In the meantime, I’ve started on the next volume in the series.

Sidebar: I believe everyone has a story to tell. Maybe writing could be a hu$tle for you; however, moneymaking ability aside, I think you should tell it. Soon, I will be posting an interview with someone who can help you with developing and sharing your unique voice. Stay tuned.

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