The Time Lords

Judging from the title of this post, it could be assumed I’ve moved from the thought process of hu$tling into the realm of science fiction. Though I love tales of derring-do taking place against a backdrop of spaceships, galactic wannabe colonizers, and forward-thinking technology, I’m going to remain grounded in our present world. Let’s talk about time versus money.

Whether your last name is Gates, Windsor, Witherspoon, or just Jones, no matter your station in life or the amount of zeroes in your various accounts, one thing can be said of any living person: we all get the same amount of time. Okay, let me clear that up a bit. On the day you were born and the day you will die, it’s highly likely that you’ll get less hours than another person who has lived the day before and will live the one after. What I’m talking about is the fact that, no matter how prestigious your title or if you’re strugglin’ to put a little on your light bill to keep those jokers on, the time allotted per day is 24 hours. And, depending on how you use your time, that could lead to a jackpot or a perpetual life in abject poverty.

I’m at the stage in my life when I am watching older loved ones checking out of here at a pretty good clip. Like it or not, our human mentors and heroes are mortal and are not built to live forever. I recently spent a little time with an ailing aunt who, not long after my visit, made her transition. She had a lot to do with raising me and forming the way I regard women. Her 70th birthday was just a few weeks down the road, with a huge celebration for her. You see, she was not only loved by me, but was an overwhelming fave of some pretty incredible aunts. During our final conversation, Aunty spoke of having enough time to make it to her birthday party and asked if I was going to be able to attend. We talked about all kinds of things but never did money come into the equation.

Now, don’t get me wrong–money is important. However, there are all kinds of options when it comes to fiduciary instruments (and thus, having said my huge word of the day, I have relegated myself back to simple terms!), yet few when it comes to time. Like money, you can waste, spend, or invest time. However, unlike currency, once it’s gone, you can’t get it back.

I love gangster flicks. And though seizure of power is often attributed to monetary superiority, cunning, and literal violence of action, before catching the final bullet, the toppled king never wishes he had a few more dollars in his wallet. That sucker is wishing he had MORE TIME!!!

What amazes me is that, we who live in what’s considered the First World tend to take our time for granted. While watching lack of talent and dysfunction abound on one of the more infamous reality shows, have you ever asked yourself what the people on-screen and behind the camera are making at that moment? Do you see supporting those shows (or games, or soaps, or dramas, or whatever) as something that enhances your life and pays you in some sort of way? Just curious.

We’re wasting our time compiling stats that don’t really matter, bragging about victories to which we can’t really lay claim, and playing games with only virtual stakes and imaginary prizes. Nothing against a bit of leisure–we could all use some–but without some sort of defined struggle, we often lay about and get fat.

Ever see a fat alleycat? Probably not, because it’s hunting for mice and birds, even in concrete jungles. Now, compare that to a house cat for which food, water, and a frequently-changed litter box are standard. That feline is no longer lean because it has forgotten about the hunt. I spends the day doing nothing, wasting time.

Pets have that luxury and, I guess if you’re satisfied with your current station in life, you can just relax, too. But not me–or, as I love to say, “not my black ass!” I am down to make the most of my time now, researching, learning, implementing, documenting, and building. Now, once my empire is fully established and self-sustaining, I may be able to kick back and enjoy a bowl of kibble, but until such time, I grind. You see, if I make the most of my time usage now, I can have more of a say of how much money I make and how I spend my time down the line.

That said, I’m ending this post and breaking out some business research material. Even though I’m on vacation, it’s time for me to make some more money.

‘Nuff said.