Excuses are Like…

When you are ready to move, beware of those who make excuses. In fact, watch what you say because your words affect the way you think, which can kill your actions.

Excuses are like assholes: everybody has one and they all stink. Non-believers, naysayers, and those who allow their fears to keep them stagnant will have you doing the same before long. Limit your time with them.

Keep your mind on establishing and proliferating your legacy. Control your intake, as it is a direct reflection on what you put out. Remember, energy is attracted to vibrations in the same frequency.

Explain yourself but only to those who can help you grow your vision. Don’t waste your time on folks who don’t think like you. Align yourself with those on a similar mission, even if theirs is a bit different.

Keep in mind, adopting a hu$tling mindset has everything to do with promoting legitimate enterprise.

Control your day, as you are a custodian of every minute therein. Make time to feed your mind and spirit with positivity; avoid negative things, people, and situations. Limit how much television you watch, as the folks in the media are already making their millions.

Be determined to bring about your success and eliminate excuse-making.

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